The Peoples Pub (Die Volkskneipe) was founded by Drew Kondik and Jon Norris. Drew is a graduate of the University of Washington where he rowed crew, studied Geography & Medicine and tended a local bar. He is still very proud to have been named best dressed bartender for two years in a row. Jon is a graduate of Virginia Tech and the University of Washington. He uses his Masters in Library Sciences at a little Redmond software company named Microsoft.

Jon, who was a regular where Drew worked, heard that Drew was thinking of starting his own bar. They both wanted a place where all types of people could be at ease and enjoy good food, good drink, and good cheer...a pub for the people. They were also both former military brats who spent many of their formative years living in Germany where they fell in love with the food and the culture: Drew in Karlshrue, Jon in Stuttgart. The two shook hands and along with wunderkind chef Kenan Fox were off to Stuttgart, Germany for research.

After a couple first-time-owner stumblings, The Peoples Pub opened its doors to the public on November 22, 2000 with just a little bit of sawdust still on the floor. Thanks to the dedication of Jon, Drew, the pub staff, and the good will of our customers, The Peoples Pub has become a unique Ballard staple. Today Drew Kondik and his eclectic staff carry on the traditions, ideals, and good times put forth by the Pub since day one.


Pub founder Jon Norris and day one bartender Phil Pappas are both Hokies, that is they both graduated from Virginia Tech University. For Jon and Phil and for their Seattle Hokie brethren Peoples Pub hosts every Virginia Tech game as well as offers discounts to those who come to the games wearing their Hokie pride.



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