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In the southwestern most part of Germany, sitting atop Switzerland and nestled between France and Bavaria, you'll find the river cut valleys and dark forests of regional Swabia. Not a political region, Swabia is defined by it's history and culture, and is well known and respected for it's unique German cuisine. One part tradition and one part ingenuity, the famously clever and well positioned Swabians combine traditional German heartiness with Euro-Latin influence. This results in creative and balanced dishes that go perfectly with the flavourful German beer they drink so much of. Here at the Peoples Pub we take great pride in our faithfully recreated Swabian dishes and in our imported German drinks. For any of our offerings, German or otherwise, please have a look at our menus, or just come in, sit down, and order some rinderrouladen with a nice big glass of weissbier. Prost!